About us

 We at WaterMoon are illustrious wax sculptor and candle artists in India with over twenty years of study and experience.

Through WaterMoon we wish to share our passion and knowledge on an online platform where you may purchase our  bespoke collection of  Unique and Luxury Candles, Soaps and creative Home Decor.

Choose a signature piece from a range of Luxury Candles that evokes the luminous elegance of 'Lunar reflections on water' or our Handmade decorative soaps using  the finest and the highest quality products infused with the art of fragrance oil chemistry and liquid pigments dispersed in glycerine.

Each collection is meticulously handcrafted using ingredients of the highest quality and reflects our artistic talents.

WaterMoon is the new Platform where each product is handcrafted with love and care. Come and indulge in the light and the magic of WaterMoon and our products.